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Universal installation window with a transparent cover, mounting frame and fasteners. UV-resistant polycarbonate material. When using two gaskets, IP65 is maintained. Standard size 46 × 46 mm. Standard color frame light gray RAL 7035. Other colors available on request. Fasteners included.

  • Cover color description: transparent
  • Color Description Front Frames: Light Gray
  • Constant operating temperature max. (° C): 100
  • Constant operating temperature min. (° C): -40
  • IP rating: 65
  • Self-extinguishing: V2
  • Seamless foamed seal
  • Special colors
  • Special materials


Multi-Box MBFL cable entry flanges are designed to facilitate the tight entry of cables, wires, and pipes into enclosures, switchboards, and devices. They are made of light gray polyamide RAL 7035.

MBFL flanges are a good alternative for standard cable glands. Thanks to their simple assembly, MBFL flanges represent a good potential for saving financial costs and time during the installation of various cables, pipes, electrical and pneumatic connections.

MBFL cable entry flanges are designed for installation in conventional openings for 24-pin industrial connectors (e.g. Harting HAN 24B). For cases with wall thicknesses between 1.5 and 2.0 mm, the flanges can be easily inserted into prepared cutouts without the use of any tools and do not need additional fixing. If the wall thickness is more than 2.0 mm, additional fixing of the flange with screws, which can be ordered as an accessory, is required.

Thanks to the foamed polyurethane gasket, which is combined with a double membrane made of elastomer, the flange provides a degree of protection IP 65. Its installation guarantees effective protection against water, dust and dirt in the temperature range -30 - +90 ° C. In addition, the membrane provides effective strain relief for all cables and connections.

Typical applications for MBFL flanges are machine tools, instrumentation, renewable energy, and, of course, power.

MBFL flanges are currently available in three different designs, differing in the number and diameter of the input cables. In addition to this, Multi-Box also offers a blind version of a blanking flange for an opening in which a regular flange can be installed later.

  • RAL code: 7035
  • Material: Polyamide
  • Seal Material: Polyurethane / Poron / EPDM
  • IP rating: 65
  • Seamless foamed seal