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BOPLA enclosures protect high-quality assemblies against damage. You will find them in a wide range of sectors, such as safety and security technology, telecommunications, automotive technology and the field of medicine. Using the most up-to-date production machinery and efficient teamwork, BOPLA processes the enclosures in accordance with customersТ requirements. When the work is carried out on BOPLAТs premises, the customerТs risk of receiving defective goods is greatly reduced.

Enclosure technology:

  • Hand-held enclosures
  • Desktop enclosures
  • Console enclosures
  • Wall-mounted enclosures
  • Display enclosures
  • DIN rail enclosures
  • Control panel mounting enclosure
  • Plastic enclosures
  • Metal enclosures
  • Terminal enclosures
  • Empty enclosures
  • Standard enclosures
  • Enclosures for electronics
  • 19У applications
  • Enclosures up to IP 40
  • Enclosures up to IP 54
  • Enclosures higher than IP 54

Membrane keypads:

  • Copper technology
  • Conductive silver technology
  • Night design
  • Front panels
  • Profiline technology
  • Touch screens
  • Doming technology
  • Autotex AM Ц anti-microbial decor
  • Capacitive keypads
  • High-gloss technology
  • Membrane keypads with double contacts
  • Integrated rigid PCB (FR 4)
  • Autotex Steel (Metallic look)
  • Integrated flexible PCB (FT-E)
  • Short-stroke keys
  • Digital printing

Series of products:

BoTouch, Botego, Ultramas, Aluplan, Alustyle, Alubos, BOS-Ecoline, Filotec, BoPad, BOS-Streamline, BOPLA-Arteb, BOS, Tastomat, Circum, Elesett / Eletec, Elegant, Element / Universal, Alu-Topline, Ultrapult, Elegant-Pult, Futura / Portas / Bopult, Bocard, RegloCard-Plus / Combifront / InterCard, CombiCard 5000-7000, CombiCard 1000-3000 / CombiSet 500, Alurail, Combirail, CombiNorm-Compact, CombiNorm-Classic, CombiNorm-Connect, Uninorm, Bocube, Euromas II, Euromas ABS / PC, Bocube Alu, Euromas Aluminium / Euromas F05, Euromas Polyester, Euromas Polymas, Internorm, Interzoll Case, Interzoll, Interzoll Modul, Intertego, Interzoll Plus, Internorm Stilб, UDS Universal-Docking-Station