Product range contains devices and complete cooling systems for dissipating semi-conductors as well as heatsinks. direct from the manufacturer. Furthermore we offer various connectors for PCBs as well as cases, respectively aluminium cases in different designs. In the area of cases especially our modern design cases are convincing. Moreover system-independent cases can be found in our programme.

  • radiators:

                             - standard extruded radiators

                             - radiators for PCB mounting

                             - radiators for DC / DC converters

                             - diesel radiators

                             - liquid coolers

                             - radiators for LEDs

                             - heatsinks for processors

                             - cooling units

  • enclosures:

                             - enclosures

                             - 19 "cases

                             - plug-in modules in 19 "racks

                             - 19 "chassis

                             - frames

  • connectors and sockets:

                             - high precision sockets and connectors for DIL-IC

                             - sockets for IC-PLCC 

                             - sockets for crystal oscillators

                             - connectors for PCB

                             - IDC connector

                             - D-Sub connectors

                             - PC brackets

                             - optoelectronics