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Hydra is a capacitor manufacturer that has been in the business for over 100 years. Hydra produces more than 20 million capacitors per year at two production sites. The headquarters and 50% of production is located in the Czech Republic, the second enterprise is in Vietnam.

HYDRA a.s. (until 2007 AEG Components) is a European manufacturer of film capacitors located in the city of Jicin (Czech Republic). The technology for producing capacitors is based on the use of a polypropylene film as an insulator, on which a metallized layer is applied, which serves as a lining of the capacitor (the so-called MKP technology). The company supplies capacitors for the largest industrial brands: Bosch, Miele, Electrolux, Danfoss, Grundfos, Whirlpool, etc. Since 2012, the company has been offering its products on the Russian market of power electronics and electrical components.

Now the HYDRA production program consists of capacitors for starting engines, fluorescent lamps, as well as power capacitors for reactive power compensation and voltage filtering in converter technology.

Hydra products include four main lines

Cosine capacitors

Three-phase and single-phase power MKP capacitors in a cylindrical aluminum case for the assembly of reactive power compensation units and filter-compensating units in 0.4 kV networks of industrial frequency.

HYDRA capacitors are manufactured according to modern MKP technology in cylindrical aluminum cases (both gas and oil-filled), and are equipped with all known methods of protection and ensuring reliable and safe operation:

the use of a metallized polypropylene film with low dielectric losses and the effect of self-healing after partial breakdown;

special discharge resistors between the terminals, providing a decrease in the voltage across the capacitor to a safe level after disconnecting from the network;

a system for breaking an electric circuit in case of excess pressure in the capacitor housing (overpressure disconnector).

Starting capacitors for electric motors

Starting capacitors are used to start electric motors of small power in household electrical appliances, tools, pumps, etc. Hydra supplies capacitors to world famous manufacturers such as Bosch, Miele, Electrolux, Danfoss, Grundfos, Whirlpool and others.

The manufactured products consist mainly of two groups.

Oil Filled Capacitors with Fuse

Such capacitors are made in a cylindrical aluminum case filled with an environmentally friendly oil dielectric and equipped with a fuse that breaks the capacitor circuit when a certain pressure in the case is exceeded. The protective system prevents leakage of the capacitor housing in various emergency situations.

The capacitors are tested for fire and explosion safety in accordance with class P2 of standard EN 60252 on test equipment that is certified by VDE. These capacitors are UL / CUL certified.

Dry capacitors in a plastic case

Such capacitors are made in a plastic case, completely sealed with epoxy filler. They comply with safety class P0 according to EN 60252 and are also UL / CUL certified.

Capacitors for power electronics have a cylindrical body filled with a solid dielectric (resin). They are characterized by a very small intrinsic inductance, low losses, resistance to high surge currents and long-term performance.

Due to the high operating voltages, there is no need for a series connection of capacitors, which is a typical disadvantage of electrolytic capacitors. In addition, unlike electrolytic capacitors, MKP capacitors are not subject to drying, capacity degradation, etc. disadvantages.


  • DC links (DC Link) and filters in industrial inverters (wind generators, solar panels, adjustable electric drive);
  • replacement of electrolytic capacitors;
  • smoothing filters in uninterruptible power supplies.

Tube capacitors

Capacitors for ballasts of fluorescent and discharge lamps.

Hydra capacitors for ballast control devices for fluorescent and discharge lamps use self-healing insulation technology for micro breakdowns and are equipped with fuses that trigger when the pressure in the housing increases (type B according to EN 61048). Capacitors can be used for serial and parallel compensation in ballasts.

Hydra capacitors for series and parallel compensation have a built-in fuse that trips when the pressure in the housing rises above a certain limit. In the event of an accident accompanied by internal gas evolution and an increase in temperature, an increase in pressure causes the condenser body to stretch axially to a distance of 9 mm. As a result, the refined section of the safety element breaks and the capacitor is disconnected from the network, thus excluding the further development of the emergency.