Motor Capacitors

Most household machines (such as dryers, dishwashers), pumps, compressors, motors for roller shutter doors and a lot of other applications worldwide use Motor Capacitors as film capacitors with PP-foil.

Because of our high quality, Hydra is one of the leading suppliers of these Motor Capacitors and delivers to all main suppliers in Europe with about 18 million capacitors per year. This is the core competence of Hydra with a history of more than 100 years. The Hydra motor capacitors can be delivered in 2 versions: Unprotected (S0) and Protected (S2).

Protected Motor Capacitors are filled with oil and have an overpressure fuse which disconnects the capacitor at failure therefore providing a high safety standard. So more and more manufacturers of household machines switch to S2 capacitors for safety reasons.

As every client has different requirements, Hydra has the ability to produce some thousands of different types and all of them are specially designed for our clients. Our skilled engineers can realize your exact demands regarding size, capacitance, connectors and packing and produce a quality capacitor you can depend on.