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Eibienos automatika offers Novotechnik rotary and linear position sensors.

Novotechnik develops and produces a wide variety of rotary, and linear position sensors using contacting and non-contacting technologies for a wide range of motion control applications in the automotive, machine engineering, plastics, medical equipment, hydraulic, pneumatic, medical products and control industries.


  • Rod Type Position Sensors

-LS1 Series

-KL Series

-T/TS Series

-TEX Series

-LWH Series

-TX2 Series (pivot head)

-LWG Series

-LWX-003 Series

-LWX-004 Series

  • Touchless Position Sensors

-TP1 - analog Series

-TP1 - digital Series

-TP1 - incremental Series

-FTI Series

  • Side Actuated Position Sensors

-TLH Series

  • Rod Type Position Sensors with Return Spring

-LS1 Series (with spring)

-KL Series (with spring)

-TR/TRS Series (with spring)

-TEX Series (with spring)

  • In-Cylinder Position Sensors

-TH1 Series

-TIM Series

  • Open Systems Position Sensors

-LFP Series

-PTP Series

-PTN Series


  • Shaft Type Angle Sensors

-Hall Effect Sensors (Vert-X 1300 Series, Vert-X 1600 Series, Vert-X 1300 Series (low power), Vert-X 2200 Series, Vert-X 2800 Series (heavy duty), RSC 2800 Series, Vert-X 3700 Series, Vert-X 5100 Series)

-Rotary Potentiometers (PL310 Series, P2200 (extremely low torque), P2500 (low torque), P4500 Series, P6500 Series, SP2800, IP6000 Series, IPS6000, AW360, AWS360 Series, IPX)

-Panel Mount Potentiometers (Series: PC90, PC262, PD210, PD280, PL130, PL240, PL300, PL340)

  • Touchless Rotary Sensors

-Vert-X 13E Series

-Vert-X 22E Series

-Vert-X 27E Series

-Vert-X 31E Series

-Vert-X 37E Series

-RFA 4000 Series

-FD 4000 Series

-RFC 4800 Series

-Vert-X 90 Series

  • Hollow Shaft Sensors

-GL Series

-WAL 300/307 Series

-Rotary Multi-Turn

-IGP (geared)

-ML (geared)

-PD2300 (geared)

-GP (geared)

-RSM2800 (non-contact)

  • Automotive Sensors

-SP1600 Series

-RSC3200 Series (Hall effect)

-SP4000 Series

-SP5000 Series

-RSC6600 Series

  • Open Systems

-PRS Series

  • Accessories

-Couplings, Signal Conditioners, Displays and Other Accessories (Z 301 Coupling, Z 50 Roller Head, Z 60 Ball & Socket Coupling, Z Series Shaft Couplings, MUW 200, MUP 80, MUP 100, MUP 110/160, MUK, MAP 4000, MAP 300/400, Easy Adapt)