Pizzato Elettrica S.r.l. is one of the main European firms manufacturing position switches, safety devices, safety modules, control devices, lift devices, foot switches, microswitches.

  • Position switches

-Heavy duty series switches

-Normal duty series switches

-Modular prewired position switches


-Switches for special application

  • Lift devices

-Position switches

-Switches with manual reset

-Switches for over-speed devices with manual reset

-Switches with electrical reset

-Door switches

-Operator switches

-Control stations EL AC series

-Control stations EL AN series

-Automatic floor levelling op. devices

-Signalling switches

  • Safety devices

-Safety switches with separate actuactor


-Hinge operating safety switches

-Safety switches with separate actuactor with block

-Safety Handles

-Rope safety switches

  • Safety modules

-Safety modules CS AR for emergency stop and gate monitoring

-Safety modules CS AR-51 for emergency stop, gate monitoring, safety mats and safety edges with 4 wires technology

-Safety modules CS AT for emergency stop and gate monitoring with delayed contacts at the opening of the input channels

-Safety timer modules CS FS

-Safety modules CS DM for synchronism control or bimanual control device

-Standstill monitor safety modules CS AM

-Expansion modules CS ME with istantaneous contacts or delayed contacts at de-energizing

-CS MF pre-programmed multifunction modules

-CS MP programmed multifunction modules

  • Human-machine interface

Single foot switches PX-PA series, Modular multiple foot switches PC series, Pushbuttons PU-PL series, Double and triple pushbuttons PD - PT series, Quadruple pushbuttons PQ series, Emergency pushbuttons PE series, Selectors SE-SL-SC series, 4 positions selectors E2 AC series, Indicator lights IL series, Monolithic indicator lights E6 IL series, Single contact blocks CP-CF series, Single self-monitored contact blocks CP-CF series, Double contact blocks CP-CF series, LED holders LP-LF series, Protected contact blocks FR-FX-FK series, USB socket, RJ45 socket, Potentiometers E6 series, Buzzer E6 series, Enclosures ES series, Enclosures EA series, Illuminated disc VE DL series, Accessories VE series

  • Accessories