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We offer a wide range of industrial air conditioners with many features and designed for various environmental conditions.

  • SlimLine Pro is a quick way to install an air conditioner. 
  • SlimLine - a thin and reliable air conditioner, the original "no filter". 
  • ComPact Line is a cost-effective cooling solution. 
  • PELTIER is a small efficient and reliable air conditioner. 
  • CoolMatch - Variable cooling capacity for your case.
  • TOP - roof air conditioners for maximum cooling capacity. 
  • OUTDOOR - outdoor air conditioners. 
  • NEMA 4X - air conditioners for special environmental conditions. 
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Chiller - individual liquid cooling for industrial applications. Used to remove excess heat from the coolant in industry. It is able to withstand the temperature level that will ensure the continuous operation of production equipment.

  • Active cooling
  • Passive cooling

Seifert offers this range in an attractive plastic molded design and in various AC and DC voltage options. All dimensions of the filter fan compartment comply with market standards. Built-in air filters at the inlet and outlet of the system ensure that no dust or any other contaminants remain in the cabinet. Installing fans in the cutout is a very quick procedure and requires no tools. If necessary, filters are also easily replaced.

Air heat exchangers for a safe climate in the cabinet.

The functional principle of an air heat exchanger is quite simple. The heat exchanger housing transfers heat from the internal circuit to the environment through the aluminum surface, so there is no direct contact or mixing between the internal and external air.

Air / water heat exchangers to dissipate heat from your cabinets.

Our heat exchangers are available as 19-inch removable models with minimal depth as well as internal, top and side mounting. These heat exchangers are available from 650 W to 10 kW. Thanks to our modular system, we can achieve outputs up to 40 kW.

Heaters have a small and compact design, they dynamically heat up and work very quietly. Internal warm air is evenly distributed throughout the control cabinet. An additional advantage of fan heaters over PTC heaters is a much lower inrush current. PTC heaters are compact in size, have a wide voltage range, and the heating power is regulated depending on the ambient temperature, which leads to increased efficiency.

Our thermostats are available either as normally closed / NC (red dial) for regulating heaters, or for alarms when the temperature drops below a set minimum value. The contact opens when the temperature rises, or as a normally closed NO (blue disk) for regulating filter fans, heat exchangers, cooling devices or for switching alarms when the set temperature limit is exceeded. The contact closes when the temperature rises.

Our new StripLite LED luminaires meet all the criteria for lighting control cabinets. Built-in on / off switches, motion sensors and re-installed plastic covers, a wide voltage range (24V - 265V AC / DC) provide universal use. The locking mechanism is based on magnetic clamps and requires a minimum of effort for installation. StripLite is an energy-efficient and maintenance-free solution for your cabinet or cabinet lighting. This section presents the series of thermal relays MTO, RT, electronic thermal relays RE, intelligent relay motor control ENTELLIPRO.